A little over a year ago, I was lying in bed and daughter walked in and said “is this where you saw your life going” if I wasn’t reflecting on my life then it certainly made me focus on where my career was going, which was nowhere.

  • I was more than if not over qualified
  • I had the knowledge
  • The skills
  • I had the experience

But it just seemed that I in a job where they did not appreciate what I brought to the table.

I was more than ready for the take the next step in my career. I made the  decision that I needed to leave  and go where I would be appreciated. I just started to apply for jobs that I am more that capable of doing and represented a challenge. After 4 months of applying and interviews I secured the role  that propelled me up several rungs of the career ladder, also I never been happier. It’s definetly one the best decisions I have made in a long time.

A lesson that learnt is that my career is my responsibility and it needs to constantly reviewed & challenged.