Ashanti Woman

Just be fearless

Ashanti Woman is about the empowerment of black woman. It’s about telling your story and being able to own the narrative and being visible. Letting your light shine bright in the world.

It’s about being unapologetic from being a black woman and all that it brings with it.

I have grown up surrounded by great female role models these were Ashanti Woman, who are warrior women following the footsteps of Yaa Asntewaa. I have always been surrounded by a Sisterhood of strong women of all ages that have supported and enriched my life they have often reminded me who I was and what my endless possibilities are.

It’s about being able to use our authentic voice without having to moderate it for fear of being labelled as angry, aggressive, bossy and selfish. Being able to stand in our truth and power, without being fearful of the reaction of others.

Ashanti Woman is here to change that narrative and redefine what it is to be a black woman, that is we are strong, opinionated, we speak truth to power, compassionate, caring, humble, dignified, graceful and most importantly we are fearless.

Ashanti Woman wants to build a strong sisterhood of black women that support and empower each other to enrich lives and tell our stories, as well reach our goals.

Ashanti Woman is holding out both hands and it’s about taking ownership of our destiny as black women. Creating a safe place to stand in our truth and come together in unity.

xoxo Ashanti Woman