Giving birth while black

As black women are often the unseen and sung heroes in life and we often the silent. There is a myth that black women have a quit forbearance and this racial stereotype is what is not only holding us back but is in effect killing us. An example of this is that in the developed world that a black women is more likely to die from maternal complications.

Chart showing maternal death rates

Black women need to be more vocal about our experiences, we need to look at who is providing the care to consider the type of care that we will receive, do your homework on your midwife, doctors and the hospital, ask about there outcomes, morality rates especially for black women. I would also consider the looking at the ethnicity and gender of those treating you, do you see yourself reflected at all levels of the staff.

What the NHS needs to admit to is that there is a problem of racism in the treatment of patients that is having a negative impact on black patients in general. The is problem of racial unconscious bias in that Black women have a high pain threshold, not true at all and that we are simply invisible and that we can wait to get treatment.

The NHS is bound by the public equality duty and as such they need to ensure that when they send staff on equalities training they need to ensure that they made aware of this bias that the staff have and negative impact that it can have on patient morality rates. In this day and age this should not be case.

We are invisible, but we need to make ourselves be heard, we dot need to shout and scream. What we need to do is make a statement, if the services you need don’t meet your needs are not being provided, then maybe we need to have services that ensure good outcomes, after all it was not that long ago they were recruiting nurses and doctors of colour to staff the NHS just a thought.

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