Well Appointed Desk

As you can see my desk is a bit boring  with just a sewing machine and it needs an update.
The desk itself is in good condition, I got from Ikea just picked a desk top and legs that I liked.
Also I picked chairs that are comfortable to sit one, I initially got the desk to study as I was doing a course for work and then it became a hobby desk and hence the sewing machine.
Now I want to have a well appointed desk and I am going to pimp my desk with some accessories, I have a thing for rose gold at the moment.

So I have searched the internet and I have found the following options for different budgets:

Depending on your budget you can pimp your desk and there are a number of places that get these products from.

  • Wilko
  • Primark
  • Rymans
  • JohnLewis
  • Paperchase
  • Red Candy
  • Typo

I have opted for Wilko  to start but it very likely that I will be going for  some of the things at John Lewis an Red Candy UK have caught my eye as well.

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