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Unapologetically Black

Black Panther is a water shed moment, were black people have been able their cultural pride and not be to apologetic. It has been refreshing to see black people expressing themselves without censoring themselves and feeling free.

This has been truly a beautiful moment, we should not have to hide out light, but  let it shine. We as a people need to remember who we are.

Some of us may have been stolen and taken in chains, where you were nothing but a number, but we overcame and we played the game. They colonised Africa stripped and stole our natural resources and try to tried to take away our culture and history.

We need to remember that we are the history makers, we are the taste makers, we are the innovators, we have the knowledge and the wisdom. We as a people are graceful, dignified , generous of spirit and joyful.

The revolution was not televised, it was cinematic  and the question is are you ready, because she ready.

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