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What holding you back?

You often here that the only thing that holding you back is you. In other words that you are the problem.

This is not always the case, the voices of those people that we all have in our lives that tell us we can’t do it and why.

You want to make changes and list all reason why you can’t , you get well paid, it’s a good job, you have bills to pay. What if it doesn’t work.

They say okay so how you going to do this. Or offer any support so that you can pursue a dream or a passion. Not having someone in corner that has complete faith in your ability to succeed.

So sometimes it’s not you holding yourself back, it’s who you surround yourself with, to be cliche, in the 21st Century who is in your squad is full of those that don’t take risks or have complete faith in your ability to succeed.

You need to consider who you have in your corner that is there supporting you to achieve your goals and not reminding of all the obstacles that you might encounter.

So who is in your inner circle?

Do you have your Steve Wozniak to your Steve Jobs?

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