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    What’s your name?

    In the Ashanti Tribe you are given a name for the day that you are born. There are a number of variations of the names, I will use the one that I like to use. There is female and male version of the names, which can be fun if you twins in the family. Have a look at what day you were born on , see what your name is. In Ashanti homes, Sunday-born males and females are named Kwasi or Akosua respectively (meaning ‘associated with the universe’); Monday-born are Kojo or Adwoa (meaning ‘associated with peace’); Tuesday-born are Kwabena or Abena (meaning ‘associated with the ocean’); Wednesday-born Kwaku or Akua (meaning ‘associated with…

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    Working from home hacks

    Working from home is now going to be the new normal for many people for the foreseeable future. Here are some tips that will help you het through the next few months. Create a dedicated space to work from Create a routine Exercise Take regular breaks Use technology to stay connected with colleagues Manage your wellbeing Have a clear boundaries between home and work I have created this life hacks document to help you navigate working from home. Here are some free resources to use: Homeschooling https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/school-closure-resources/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

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    When your superpower is invisibility

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin As a black woman we have all been there you have either been in shop waiting to be served and there is no one else in the store and you can’t get anyone to acknowledge your existence. Or you are in the office in a meeting and come up with an idea or suggestion and it like you are not there and someone else says the same thing and everyone says what a great idea its is. It’s like you are invisible, guess what even though you are black and you visually can’t be missed, there are those around us that will treat us as…

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    Giving birth while black

    As black women are often the unseen and sung heroes in life and we often the silent. There is a myth that black women have a quit forbearance and this racial stereotype is what is not only holding us back but is in effect killing us. An example of this is that in the developed world that a black women is more likely to die from maternal complications. Black women need to be more vocal about our experiences, we need to look at who is providing the care to consider the type of care that we will receive, do your homework on your midwife, doctors and the hospital, ask about…

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    Unapologetically Black

    Black Panther is a water shed moment, were black people have been able their cultural pride and not be to apologetic. It has been refreshing to see black people expressing themselves without censoring themselves and feeling free. This has been truly a beautiful moment, we should not have to hide out light, but  let it shine. We as a people need to remember who we are. Some of us may have been stolen and taken in chains, where you were nothing but a number, but we overcame and we played the game. They colonised Africa stripped and stole our natural resources and try to tried to take away our culture…